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I’m trying to talk up more backlist YA on the Tumblr parts since it seems like the right place to do so.

This weekend, buy yourself Hilary T. Smith’s Wild Awake if you want a great contemporary YA book about mental illness. It’s pulsing and manic and honest, with a mystery and romance that is, at heart, a novel about grief and overwhelming loss. It is $1.99 at all e-book retailers

I wrote a lengthier review of the book here, and Hilary wrote a guest post for Stacked last fall about mental illness in YA fiction

This is worth far more than $2.00. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in for a huge treat. 

A brief history and analysis of Steve Josephson, aka Captain Asgardia, the First Avenger


The most fun of the guest blogs I did for the release of THE STRANGE MAID in June! It’s exactly what it says: an explanation of what the United States of Asgard version of Captain America might be like!

Here are a few of my recent guest blogs and interviews for the series:

Guest post on strong women in US Asgard and Norse myth.

Guest post about research and my favorite things about Vikings.

Guest post on the Secret of World Building. (yes really.)

Interview about structure of series and world building.

Interview about my favorite characters and lines.

Interview about which god I’d dedicate to and why Valkyries are great.

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